Governing Legislations:
The Fair Competition Act, 2003 (Act No. 8 of 2003)
Merchandise Marks Act, 1963 (Act No. 20 of 1963)

Date of implementation:
Fair Competition Act 12th May, 2005
Merchandise Marks Act 15th April, 2005

Implementing Institutions:
Fair Competition Commission (Institution of first instance)
Fair Competition Tribunal (Appellate body)

Parent/Responsible Ministry: Industry, Trade and Marketing

Relationship with Sector Regulators:
Fair Competition Commission excepted from intervening in the regulated sectors. List of Sector Regulation Acts:
Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority Act, 2001
Surface and Maritime Transport Regulatory Authority Act, 2001
Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority Act, 2003
Communication Regulatory Authority Act, 2003

International Co-operation Agreement containing Competition provisions entered into with:
Member countries of the East African Community

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